Colorado lottery

What could be more fun than the prospect of winning the lottery? Working on creative concepts revolving around the prospect of winning the lottery comes close. While at Cactus Denver, I worked on many Colorado Lottery campaigns and projects. From campaigns showing how lottery tickets make better Christmas gifts than kittens, to campaigns that remind outdoor enthusiasts that Colorado Lottery dollars go back to protecting the places Coloradans love to play, I was able to explore a gamut of fun.

Created while working at Cactus Denver.


Colorado Lottery jackpot billboards.

Colorado Lottery annual report.

Colorado Lottery proceeds advertising campaign

Colorado Lottery sales kit.

Services provided:

• out of home boards
• tv ad campaign
• point of sale
• annual report design
• custom illustration
• custom typography
• infographics
• art direction
• web graphics
• social graphics
• sales kit design