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Soap from a Goat Branding & Packaging design

When a company is called Soap from a Goat, you know it'll be a fun time for design. For the branding and packaging design, we created a friendly, whimsical and hand-crafted look and feel to match the scents of the soaps, lotions, balms and butters. All of the Soap from a Goat products smell light-hearted and relaxing. They make your skin soft and refreshed and basically make you feel good, so we needed to create a brand that makes you feel good immediately. And what better feeling is there than seeing a goat on a sudsy bar of soap?

Soap from a Goat branding and packaging design with custom typography and illustration by Riddle Design Co. a graphic design studio in Richmond, Virginia.


• logo and branding design
• packaging design
• label design
• custom typography and illustration
• branding consulting
• tshirt design
• stationery design