Riddle Design Co. 2017 Year In Review

2017 was quite a year full of designing thoughtful branding and packaging design for some hard-working people. It was also full of eating all the pizza and pop tarts life has to offer. So, here you'll find highlights of what went down in 2017 in my little corner of the design world (and world in general). If you want to connect with me on a deeper level, click that purdy little button below.

Quarter one

Helped the fine folks at Lazy Hiker Brewing Co. wrap up the label design of their flagship brews and release the cans out into the world. (See more Lazy Hiker work here.)

Worked with Core Industrial Partners out of Chicago, Illinois to launch their private equity firm. We created bold branding, business stationery and website design, complete with a custom b-roll video that plays in the background upon landing on the site.

Helped the The Center for Awesomeness create their positive brand full of merch and other products and was ready to take on the world after working on their manifesto card.

Ate pop tarts with friends in Washington DC at Ted's Bulletin.


Quarter Two

Collaborated with my favorite ginger Copywriter, Emma Dilemma, to teach youngins about the mystical world of branding. 

Was my own client for a hot minute and designed save the dates, wedding invitation suite, and all signage & gifty-goods for my nuptials.

Visited New York City with family and ate pizza once or twice a day. No photo to show because I lost 6 months worth of photos when trying to use my phone less. Long story but more to come. 

Took letterpress classes at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and was able to print my own save the dates, wedding stationery, and Riddle Design Co. business cards. With major help from my teacher Paul Morris.

Worked with Soap from a Goat, quality goat's milk soap, lotions, salves, lip balms and heel butter out of Western North Carolina. We designed a whimsical, happy-go-lucky brand and packaging that matched the product's personality. These soaps smell so freaking good. I keep them stashed away in my office and whip them out when I needed a scented pick me up.


Quarter three

Visited Savannah, Georgia and got to see my old SCAD stomping grounds. My how that city has changed with so many new delicious places to eat and drink. We were able to go to The Wyld, a dock bar out on the islands. Y'all have got to get down to Savannah just to go there.

Worked with Full Measure Bitters to make updates to his aromatic bitters packaging and create the label design for his mimosa bitters. A very strategic and thoughtful maker, he spends a deliberate amount of time in R&D to craft a quality product. Try it and your cocktails will thank you.

Got hitched in the mountains of Western North Carolina (#828isgreat) at Lake Logan Conference Center in Haywood County. Leading up to the wedding, I made programs, signage, napkins, koozies, etc. featuring ruffed grouse and woodcock to make my hunter husband happy. I also enlisted the help of my family to build signs, an arbor, a selfie wall, and 1 million paper airplanes. 

Helped my buddies at Asheville Spice Company make their branding and packaging speak to the quality of their spices and their love for AVL. We designed labels that sell the spices before tasting you ever taste them.


Quarter four

Worked with Greenville, North Carolina based Pitt Street Brewing Company to launch their brewery with branding and label designs (sneak peek shown below). Their brand has a strong tie to their heritage and regional folklore, my favorite. 

Designed seasonal and specialty labels for Lazy Hiker Brewing Company. The spring seasonal is still a work in progress so not shown below.

Created annual reports for hard-working nonprofits and got to read in advance all the great things some of my favorite folks are doing for their communities and the world.

Learned entrepreneurial skills so that I can serve you all better by attending two business conferences: 1. Rebelle Con here in Richmond, Virginia and 2. The Blueprint Retreat in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Went back home for the holidays to Greenville, South Carolina and was able to partake in one of the new establishments (since I've lived there) Golden Brown and Delicious. Dang it was good, and I'm so excited by the growth of the Village of West Greenville. 


Here's to hoping we all have a grand old time in 2018, full of beers, cheers, 'maters, waffles, and so much more. If you made it all the way down to the bottom of this page, you're my hero. Click on the button below to say hello (rhymes!). Wishing you all the success and charm possible for 2018.