Riddle Design Co. is an award-winning creative graphic design studio that began as a way to provide accessible, branding design and advertising services to passionate, hard-working small business owners, start ups and non-profits. See a full list of offerings on the services page or click this yellow link.

Making a great first impression is key, and the visual brand identity of your business is the best way to make that great first impression. It's vital to your business to invest in strong branding and visually appealing graphic design from the start. Riddle Design Co. will make sure you look good and will flatter your well-crafted, quality product or service from the very first encounter with your customer.


I'm Sarah Riddle. I run Riddle Design Co, based in Richmond, Virginia. I design logos and brand identity systems, packaging, report & publications and websites for hand-crafted businesses and individuals across the country. An alumni of Savannah College of Art and Design, I've worked for advertising agencies in Philadelphia, Boulder, Denver, Asheville and Greenville. 

I enjoy working with non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs and good people who are as passionate about what they do as I am about what I can do for them. I’ve work with clients in the industries of craft food & beverage products, health & wellness services, fashion products, creative services, travel & tourism and land & water conservation. Aside from branding design, I’m into running, “hunting” aka walking in the woods with my bird dogs, brews, pizza and state flowers. Let's make things.

I am proud to work with a talented and extensive network of writers, photographers, developers and printers, experts in respective their fields. Together, we make sure your brand has the best graphic design, writing, photography, etc. to stand out from your competition.